REFORMATION GENERATION (a college prep seminar)

Survive // Thrive

70% of Christians lose their faith in college. There is an intellectual war going on in the universities. This seminar is a 1 month program designed to equip those in, or going into college/university to not only survive in their Christian faith but also to thrive in their walk with Christ while attending college/university. We desire to see this generation of believers rise up, stand firm in their faith, have answers, and make a difference on university and college campuses.

What is the purpose of the Reformation Generation?

  • Equip participants with reasonable answers to tough questions
  • Equip participants with strategies on how to respond to non-christian worldviews
  • Understand the Nature of Truth
  • Understand the importance of Holy Spirit and Intercession
  • Understand the Heart of Jesus for Universities and the lost
  • Dealing with Moral & Peer Pressures
  • survive or thrive as Christian in a college/university setting
Program Costs

Application Fee: $20.00 USD
Seminar Fee: $999.00 USD

Program Dates

RefGen 2024: June 30th - July 26th
RefGen 2025: June 29th - July 25th

Program Duration

Lecture Phase: 4 weeks
Program Total: 4 weeks

Program Prerequisites

All Reformation Generation participants must be at least 18 years old or older on the program start date. Participants must be at least a High School graduate or equivalent.

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4 weeks

Lectures are centered around the core topics of:

  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Introduction to Worldview
  • Apologetics
  • Responding to secularism + challenges from other religions