Revelation // Response // Responsibility

Our desire is to equip DTS graduates to capture the heart of true worship, learn to walk in a lifestyle of worship, and point others to the One who is worthy of our praise.

What is the purpose of the School of Worship?

Worship truly starts with revelation, understanding who God is and our relationship with Him. As worship is a response, we have to know who we are responding to, and why we are responding. Revelation is God’s communication with us, whether through Holy Spirit, or His Word. It is from this place of knowing God that our response, or worship should naturally flow from. There are a variety of ways to respond to God, and God has made us each to respond differently to Him. People have worshipped God traditionally through songs, and services. But God clearly says throughout the Bible that He is after our hearts, not a legalistic, systematic requirement. From a lifestyle of worshipping God, we will naturally point to God in our interactions with others. In leading others, we should follow Jesus’ example of servant leadership. In this way, we place ourselves in an opportune place to love God, and love others.

Program Costs

Application Fee: $50.00 USD
Lecture Phase: $3990.00 USD
Outreach Phase: $5000.00 USD

Program Dates

Winter 2024: January 6th - June 14th
Fall 2024: September 14th - February 28th
Winter 2025: January 4th - June 13th

Program Duration

Lecture Phase: 12 weeks
Outreach Phase: 10-12 weeks
SOW Program Total: 22-24 weeks

Target Locations

At YWAM Maui we focus our outreach locations to South East Asia. However, locations can vary for each YWAM Maui school depending on several different factors, current events, political climate, etc.

Program Prerequisites

All School of Worship students must be at least 18 years old or older on the program start date. Students must also have successfully completed a DTS program with any YWAM base.

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Lecture Phase

12 weeks

Lectures are centered around the core topics of:

  • Intimacy with God
  • Character of a Worshiper
  • Holy Spirit and Worship
  • Worship as a lifestyle
  • Team leadership
  • Worship and Missions

Outreach Phase

12 weeks

Outreach is designed to put into practice lecture content.

  • Worship Leading
  • Teaching
  • Serving